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Young ones visiting the plastic surgeon

It is very curious, that the young would come to the plastic surgeon, who is known to perform rejuvenation surgery. Appearing youthful is indeed important, but really, it is quite clear that we all do wish to appear healthy, fit, toned and most importantly more attractive – handsome or beautiful. The very particular way that applies to those in their 20’s and even younger, is to consider facial balance and symmetry. A child with a large nose, protruding ears or acne skin eruptions, may be teased mercilessly, and may be building a negative self-concept leaving this child socially marred. Most of the corrections for these problems are relatively simply; they are safe and predictable. In so many instances, a small change produces a major improvement in appearance and self-confidence.

Below a 19 year old patient is seen before and 6 months after rhinoplasty for correction of her large, deviated nose.

In my practice, I see many patients in their 20’s who are terribly affected by their appearance. They are very often accompanied by a parent who renders compassion and support for their child’s concerns. A large nose, most often is the focus of the appointment. It may, however be that their protruding ears have prevented them from a sporting activity or wearing their hair short or pulled back. One very important aspect of this consultation is the establishment of a relationship with the plastic surgeon. The motivation to proceed with surgery needs exploration to ensure good intentions of self-improvement, not desires to please a parent or a friend, or to impress others with the ability to have surgery.

Once completed, this surgery is often no less than life changing. The confidence and poise with which I see my patients enter the next phase of their lives, is truly remarkable. One patient dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but her ears prevented her from tying her hair back. Once fixed, this young lady proceeded to secure a successful career in dance.

Other benefits include:

  • Introducing an excellent daily skin care regime preventing early aging changes
  • Preventing sun damage and potentially skin cancer
  • Ensuring a healthy diet in recovery from surgery and throughout life
  • Establishing an exercise routine to maintain good circulation and excellent form

The tangible benefit to plastic surgery is the removal of a visible barrier to your ability to see yourself as beautiful and talented, with valuable gifts to develop and offer the world. It brings me great joy to keep in touch with my patients, as they move into adulthood, shinning like stars with their brilliant contributions.