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September Spot Light Patient

This patient is a 71 year old who came to me with complaints of a wrinkled neck and facial lines. She had a facelift 12 years ago, but wanted further rejuvenation without extensive surgery. The surgery performed, just 6 months ago included a neck lift with fat grafts to the facial lines. This procedure addressed her concerns without being too lengthy – two hours – and too involved. As you can see from her results, she looks better without looking operated upon. There are no visible scars and her recovery time was limited to just about five days, with some minor swelling and bruising.

How can a little procedure yield fabulous outcomes?

Sometimes we need very little change to affect the way that we are seen. Consider for a moment, how you look in the morning after a great sleep and following your morning routine. Then, compare that appearance with your vision in the morning following a sleepless, restless night. Now consider the appearance of your neck, or anyone’s neck that is long and graceful. It sets the face up for the look of real beauty. So, changing just the way your neck skin is attached to the underlying structures can change the way your face appears.

Aging effects changes to both the face and the neck

The simple removal of excess fat, from the neck, slenderizes your whole appearance, and using the Smart Lipo, laser, tightens the skin without incisions and scars. When there is too much skin excess, or the skin is not resilient enough to contract, sometimes a lift is added to shorten and support the neck structures. In weight loss, alone, usually the skin excesses age the face and do not enhance your overall appearance. With a small surgery to address these concerns, there is a profoundly positive impact upon your self esteem and your sense of sensuality, following the restoration of a youthful appearance.

It takes careful evaluation to set goals

During your office evaluation, we will consider options for a realistic attainment of your goals, considering your time and lifestyle. Your surgery is performed in my fully-accredited surgery center. Since your life is busy and your time especially sacred, many times, combined surgeries are offered to reduce healing time and costs. You will enjoy a ‘house call’ following your surgery, so that I can determine your optimal healing conditions and correct any problems that may be interfering with a smooth, safe, pain free recovery.

Neck surgeries include:

  • liposuction
  • Smart lipo, or laser liposuction
  • neck skin tightening
  • fat grafting to lines and folds