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Facial Aging with Weight Gain

This patient is a 59 year old, healthy, but overweight female, who was very unhappy with her facial appearance. She thought that, perhaps, her weight would eliminate the possibility for facial surgery, but actually, if in good health, most people heal very well. A few requirements need to be met and the most important relate to your overall health. Diabetes, if present, must be well controlled, and no smokers are permitted in this special group of patients. Facial skin is usually well vascularized, but in the smoker, the blood supply is compromised. This patient is seen six months following her facelift, and even though she was very pleased with her results, went on to gain some twenty pounds. As you can see in her photos, her result is very good, but I must add that without the weight gain, would have been even better.

Facelift Surgery Patient Results – 6 Months Post Op

Face lifting is a safe, predictable procedure

Given expert technique and meticulous attention to detail, the face lifting surgery is an artful restructuring of the facial form, beneath the skin. Following support of the underlying structures, and filling of the defects, the skin is draped without tension or distortion. This application of very individual correction of facial aging renders a longevity and naturalness to the final result. My patients appreciate some 15 to 20 years of superb results before touch-ups may be needed.

It takes careful evaluation to set goals

During your evaluation, we will consider options for a realistic attainment of your goals, taking note of your time and lifestyle. Your surgery is performed in my fully-accredited surgery center. Since your life is busy and your time especially sacred, many times, combined surgeries are offered to reduce healing time and costs. You will enjoy a ‘house call’ following your surgery, so that I can determine your optimal healing conditions and correct any problems that may be interfering with a smooth, safe, pain free recovery.

Options for Face lifting surgery include: