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Eyelash Enhancements with Latisse

What makes a woman’s eyes stand out? Women have known for ages that much of the allure is enhanced by the eyelashes. The secret to longer lashes has just been revealed through a pharmaceutical application, discovered quite by accident. The properties of Latisse, which was originally used for the treatment of glaucoma, has been found to darken, thicken and lengthen eyelashes. Latisse provides predictable, safe, effective enhancement of your eyelashes. Following extensive research, the FDA has approved the use of Latisse upon the upper eyelid lashes. The treatment is simple, but must be applied daily for at least 16 weeks for maximum benefit. Thereafter, your doctor will advise you regarding your maintanence dose. Note that these are your own natural lashes, making the days of glueing and pasting artificial eyelashes a thing of the past. Studies reveal that patients experience positive results ranging from weeks to two months following the initial treatment.

The prescription for Latisse is available after an appointment at Annapolis Aesthetic Surgery. Cosmetics and contacts can be applied during the treatment time and the side effects are infrequent, if any. Less than 4% of patients reported itching, redness, irritation and a rare darkening of the skin of the lid.

The Latisse treatment offers elegant enhancement of your appearance that can be obtained from your plastic surgeon. Dr. Ormsby would be delighted to provide an appointment for a consultation and examination. Click here to email her staff and book an appointment.

Our esthetician, Lori, works closely with Dr. Ormsby to provide her plastic surgery patients with innovative, safe, effective, and life-changing cosmetic treatments. If you are a cosmetic patient working with Dr. Ormsby, our estheticians will meet with you discuss the complimentary treatments and products that will be provided with your surgery.