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Patients Receive Combination Procedures for Facial Rejuvenation

If you want to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles and drooping skin in your face and neck, you may want to consider undergoing a combination procedure. Dr. Marcia Ormsby can provide several treatments in one operation for a more efficient and often less expensive option. Two patients in particular recently underwent a combination procedure and have a new attitude towards life with their rejuvenated appearances.

Sally and Mary are both in their fifties and came to Dr. Ormsby with concerns of premature aging. Dr. Ormsby notes that Sally wanted to improve the appearance of her neck, which was affected by excess skin and weak muscles. She says Sally was “ready to look as good as she can look.” Mary, however, wanted to freshen up a “tired” facial appearance and minimize signs of skin folds and lines. Dr. Ormsby recommended a combination procedure for each patient to provide a more ideal, balanced outcome.

Within Sally’s procedure, Dr. Ormsby performed neck liposuction, muscle tightening, and skin suspension. For Mary’s fine lines, our skilled cosmetic surgeon provided a facelift with fat grafting to reduce signs of sagging skin folds. The results for both women are incredible, as seen in their photos. The difference is even more apparent if you know either patient. Dr. Ormsby explains how Mary has completely regained her pride and has a brighter outlook on life.

By performing more than one procedure at a time, Dr. Ormsby is able to work with all the areas of concern at once, making sure they work together for an overall cosmetic enhancement. If you are experiencing facial lines, excess skin on your neck, drooping brows, or sagging skin around the eyes, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Ormsby today! You may be surprised how just a few enhancements can completely transform your appearance.

Check out the before and after pictures for Mary (top) and Sally (bottom).

Mary Front BeforeMary Front After
Sally Front Before

Sally Front After