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Liposuction Corrections

This patient is a 49 year old, healthy female, who came to me three years following liposuction of her thighs, performed by a nearby plastic surgeon. Despite a long wait and reassurance by the operating surgeon, she was left with these scarred, irregularly surfaced thighs. The dimpling of the skin was so severe that she could not wear skirts or shorts, comfortably. After a complete workup in the office, I was able to perform Laser correction of the scarring and a thigh lift, removing the excess skin and smoothing the surface. The surgery was challenging, because of the scars that I encountered during the surgery, but careful Laser release resulted in a near perfect correction of her problem, as you can see in her photos.

Before Front

After Front

Before Side

After Side

Liposuction is a safe, predictable procedure

In nearly 25 years of practice, I have not ever seen this patient’s scarring resultant to liposuction. The correction was very successful, but the problem is completely avoidable with careful, primary attention to technique and appropriate selection of instrumentation. All surgery is meticulously planned to prevent untoward outcomes with strict attention to detail and post-operative care. However, if any results are unsatisfactory, there are modalities to correct these problems.

It takes careful evaluation to set goals

During your evaluation, we will consider options for a realistic attainment of your goals, taking note of your time and lifestyle. Your surgery is performed in our fully-accredited surgery center. Since your life is busy and your time especially sacred, many times, combined surgeries are offered to reduce healing time and costs. You will enjoy a ‘house call’ following your surgery, so that I can determine your optimal healing conditions and correct any problems that may be interfering with a smooth, safe, pain free recovery.

Options for Liposuction surgery include: