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Get Fuller Lips with Filler Injections

Today, about 13 percent of Americans are over age 65. By 2030, more than 20 percent of Americans will be in that group. By 2050, about 89 million Americans will be over age 65, more than double the number today. It is without doubt that more and more people will be asking for rejuvenation procedures and that this discipline will be growing ever larger with more options than ever. The dermal filler industry has been developing more and more products that are easier to use and longer-lasting. Now the fuller lip seems to be a demand of more patients of all ages. Here, for example, is a 51-year-old Caucasian female who wanted fuller lips but mostly wanted her vertical lines softened. As you can see, her goals were attained.

Using the BELOTERO BALANCE®, which is a hyaluronidase product, I was able to fill her vertical lines and give her a natural fullness.

It is essential that you find a plastic surgeon who has experience and will listen and fulfill your wishes and desires. There are enough variable products that I would be able to find just the right product and result for you.