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Dark Circles of the Eyelids

So many people complain of dark circles under their eyes, in particular, in this geographic area as seasonal allergies render almost no remission of this problem. In fact, there has been, heretofore, no solution to this difficult problem, until a certain filler was modified for this purpose. Restylane is well suited to be placed carefully just beneath the skin, forming a layer to hide the dark, highly vascular muscle, beneath. With proficiency and expert technique, this filler does the job that nature forgot. In fact, the job is so well done that your lower lids never return to the thin-skinned pre-treatment state. There is always some product left to thicken the skin and treat the problem. That is not to say that there need be no repeats; in about 6 months more may be needed to restore the original correction.

In my practice, I see many patients, men and women, in their 20’s and older, who are very effected by the appearance of dark circles. Not everyone will receive a near perfect result, as in our photos, but given the proper selection and indications, these results should be typical. It is especially important to select a well-trained, experienced plastic surgeon who can document results you would like to achieve. Although this procedure is small, relative to surgery, it is very important to your appearance and self-confidence.

Now compare the results of the filler added to a 31 year old male who was constantly being accused of looking tired, with a 42 year old female for whom I performed a lower lid surgery of removing fat and tightening the skin and muscle. Her complaints were the exact same as his, but her problems were entirely different. She had bulging orbital fat, while he had a vacant, sunken orbital contour. It really takes an expert to diagnose the problem and then to render treatment. That is why it is so important to take the time to interview your surgeon and to establish a relationship. You may find that there are other areas of your appearance that you would like to change and with a good relationship, you will have no problem coming to a wise decision for your future. I like to think of my patients being with my practice for their entire lifetime. Even if many years elapse, when it is time to make a change you always have someone you trust with whom you will consult. I take a full hour conversing with any patient considering a procedure, even as small as filler. Both you and I benefit from getting to know each other in moving forward to the most attractive you that is possible.

Before & After Restylane

Before & After Lower Lid Surgery

The tangible benefit to plastic surgery is the removal of visible barriers to your ability to see yourself as beautiful and talented with valuable gifts to develop and offer the world. It brings me great joy to keep in touch with my patients, as they move through their lives, shining with their brilliant contributions.

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