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Anesthesia has many benefits at Annapolis Aesthetic Surgery Center, but we limit our practice to sedation and local anesthesia only.

Annapolis Aesthetic Surgery is a warm, family-type atmosphere where we set out to make our patients look and feel their very best.

Dr. Ormsby’s philosophy involves bringing out the beauty that exists in all of us. Dr. Ormsby started her career as an artist before she trained in cosmetic surgery. As a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ormsby continually strives to provide patients with the look they desire with an eye for perfection.

Dr. Ormsby talks about setting the main objective for each patient during the personal consultation, as a means of identifying the most advantageous form of treatment.

AA Surgery provides the full range of surgical as well as non-surgical procedures for patients wishing to improve their look as well as providing the safest and best cosmetic surgery possible.