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Breast Lift With Implants

The female breast shape and size is easily changed following pregnancy, lactation, aging and even weight changes. Because the breast is entirely shaped by the skin surrounding it, there are no muscle or ligaments which hold the breast in place. Our skin, also our largest organ, is distensible, stretching easily with volume changes. When the skin of the breast stretches, so also does the nipple/areolar complex. Many women find that their nipples face the floor, upon aging, rather than the opposite wall. When this change happens, women feel less attractive and less feminine. As our self esteem erodes, often, so does our productivity and our energy level.

Seeking to improve the shape and size of the breast, the surgical solutions usually involve implants, either saline or silicone gel, with an elevation of the nipples and a reduction of the skin below the nipples. These surgeries are commonly termed, mastopexy with augmentation. The surgeries are often performed together. If too much elevation of the nipple occurs, the breast appears distorted, and the outcome is embarrassing to the woman.

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Correcting these problems usually involves another surgery, shortening the scar beneath the breast, and lifting the implants. The most important feature of these corrective surgeries, is remembering there are alternatives. Your plastic surgeon, i.e. Dr. Marcia V. Ormsby, will communicate with you until you are comfortable proceeding. You need to see many examples of pre-operative and post-operative photos. Discussing this surgery with a patient often helps to bring comfort, before your surgery.

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