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Do I Need to Exchange My Breast Implants?

Many breast implants are well over 10 years old

Woman holding a slicone gel breast implant

Dr. Marcia V. Ormsby has been performing breast augmentation for 25 years and has, for that time specialized in aesthetic, plastic surgery. She has many patients who have had their breast implants for well over 10 years, but recently has been asked about replacing implants, after a certain time period. It is always good to see a patient, returning to the office for an examination, particularly to answer questions. If the breasts are soft, symmetrical and well contoured, there is absolutely no reason to replace the implants.

Breast Implants have no pre-determined lifespan

Low and moderate profile silicone gel breast implants

The question about replacement comes to mind when the 10-year implant warranty is about to expire. It is important to remember that the warranty will cover the replacement of an implant when there is a break in the outer shell. Without that defect, the warranty cannot be applied. Most implant companies will replace a defective implant, no mater how long it has been in place. When the surgeon develops a long, trusted relationship with the implant company, many exceptions can be offered to patients. Dr. Ormsby has been Allergan’s client for many decades, so when implants are needed for problems, they are often provided. The importance of establishing a relationship with an experienced, well-trained plastic surgeon cannot be overstressed.

Address problems when they arise

There is no substitute for excellent medical care, so when problems are noticed, they are best addressed and solved soon thereafter. One of my patients who experienced a saline implant deflation, waited four years to see me, Dr. Marcia Ormsby, her plastic surgeon. By that time, the breast with the deflation had contracted and scarred, and it was much more difficult to perform the exchange, than had she come to me within months of her deflation. My office will always fit a patient with a problem into the schedule, so there is no reason to delay. We are here to help, answer questions and to operate, only when necessary!

Happy patient with breast implants that are over 10 years old

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