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Mommy Makeover

Your Body Changes After Pregnancy

Becoming a mother is the accomplishment of my lifetime that I am most proud, I am certain that your journey has been one of joy and exuberance. However, your pregnancy does change your body that, without the benefit of surgery, remains throughout your entire lifetime. I take great pride in restoring the female form to one of beauty and balance, which approaches our pre-pregnancy shape. As our children take first place in our hearts and mind, often we allow our bodies to take a back seat in our life’s priorities. We deserve the attention required to restore our healthy selves; it is one of the most gratifying procedures that I offer.

A Balanced Body Requires Time and Consideration

Given adequate time to heal and to restore your vibrant healthy self, following pregnancy and lactation, some women will not need any surgery. Diet and exercise go a long way for some, but not for every woman. It is my goal to evaluate your needs and desires, and to provide options for the very best outcome that can be achieved. There is a profoundly positive impact upon our self esteem and our sense of sensuality, following the restoration of a balanced body. When you have completed your child bearing goals, it is time for you to begin thinking about yourself.

Pregnancy Effects Both the Breasts and the Abdomen

The female breast may lose volume and shape or may gain excess skin with the subsequent loss of support. In the surgical repair of these effects, the skin is re-draped and the breast volume, restored with either an augmentation or a lift and support of the existing breast tissue. The female abdomen is often rendered with a lack of support, following pregnancy, in that the major muscle pair that supports your contour is divided in the middle. This division is an absolute during a C-section, whereby the muscle is not repaired, following delivery. Your post-pregnancy abdominal surgery provides a permanent repair of this muscle separation, so that you will never return to the un-supported state, throughout your lifetime.

It Takes Careful Evaluation to Set Goals

During your evaluation, I will present options for a realistic attainment of your goals, considering your time and lifestyle. Your surgery is performed in my fully-accredited surgery center. Since your life is busy and your time especially sacred, many times, combined surgeries are offered to reduce healing time and costs. You will enjoy a ‘house call’ following your surgery, so that I can determine your optimal healing conditions and correct any problems that may be interfering with a smooth, safe, pain free recovery.

Options for Mommy makeover Surgery Include:

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