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Why Choose SmartLipo™ for Arm Contouring

arm lift annapolisExcess skin and fat on the upper arms is a common concern, and often occurs due to the natural aging process or recent weight loss. No matter how well you diet or exercise, sometimes loose, hanging skin is very difficult to get rid of on your own. Dr. Marcia Ormsby has seen numerous patients with this very issue, and by talking closely with the patient to identify his or her concerns, she can determine the best form of treatment.

Dr. Ormsby emphasizes one procedure in particular that often provides consistently beautiful results: SmartLipo™. She often recommends this laser liposuction treatment for the upper arms because it allows her to carefully sculpt the area using less invasive techniques, offering beautiful results. During the SmartLipo™ surgery, Dr. Ormsby makes a smaller incision in the armpit to conceal the minimal scarring that results. Since less tissue is damaged, patients tend to heal faster than in traditional liposuction, helping them resume their normal, day-to-day activities sooner.

While SmartLipo™ alone can be a great option for people seeking arm enhancement, Dr. Ormsby also performs the treatment in combination with other procedures, like the arm lift, should it be necessary to reach the patient’s ultimate goals. She is proud to offer such an advanced treatment for her patients, and many people who have this procedure are able to begin seeing their results in just a matter of days. Dr. Ormsby notes how it can be a significant confidence booster, describing it as a great option for people wanting more toned-looking arms.

Our experienced plastic surgeon encourages anyone interested in arm contouring to schedule a consultation at Annapolis Aesthetic Surgery so that she can help you find the best solution for your unique needs. Stay tuned for our next blog post, detailing the benefits of using a laser for liposuction.