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The Benefits of Using a Laser for Liposuction

arm lift annapolisMake sure to check out the first part of our laser liposuction blog series entitled “Why Choose SmartLipo™ for Arm Contouring.”

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed each year. While traditional liposuction techniques can provide beautiful body contouring results, Dr. Marcia Ormsby is proud to offer patients the less invasive option of laser liposuction for improved results and recovery. While traditional liposuction breaks up the fat before removal, the SmartLipo™ procedure melts the targeted fat with laser technology. This lessens the trauma caused to surrounding tissue, which can reduce bleeding and swelling during recovery.

During the SmartLipo™ procedure, Dr. Ormsby is able to carefully remove excess fat deposits and tighten the skin in the treatment area. Patients can begin to see their results within just a few weeks. Since the laser surgery is more gentle than a traditional operation, patients tend to recover faster and can return to their normal routines sooner. Some patients can even return to work the following week.

Dr. Ormsby presents laser liposuction as a treatment option for those wishing to cut down on stubborn fat in such areas as the legs, hips, abdomen, arms, neck, and many other body areas. There is generally only minimal scarring. SmartLipo™ can be a great alternative for patients to get rid of stubborn fat deposits without the need for extensive recovery times.

Dr. Ormsby notes how the surgery can help restore patients’ confidence so they are proud to show off their new and firmer arms. If you would like more information about laser liposuction, please contact Annapolis Aesthetic Surgery to set up your initial consultation.