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Small Surgeries Can Make All the Difference

How many times have you looked in the mirror and said, “I still look pregnant.” Or said, “This dress makes me look fat.” In reality, there are many ways to help us get over these harsh, exaggerated statements without going into debt or having months of recovery. The before-and-after photos, here, demonstrate a very simple, quick removal of a layer of fat that persists in the female abdomen. We women are engineered to carry fat in this area for gestational nourishment during pregnancy. But when the days of bearing children have long past, like the patient demonstrated here, there is no advantage to storing fat in this sensitive area. This patient is over 70 years old, and where you may say, “That’s too old to be concerned,” age has nothing to do with our self-judgement. In fact, age, alone, does not eliminate you from being an excellent surgical candidate. I would select a healthy 70-year-old over a 30-year-old with multiple medical problems, such as obesity or diabetes.

Surgery to improve our abdominal contours can take on several forms depending upon the extent of skin and fat to be considered. If the problem is strictly limited to the area below the belly button (umbilicus), as is seen in our demonstrated patient, a small liposuction, done under light sedation, is perfectly adequate to permanently fix the problem. A simple girdle is placed following the procedure and is worn throughout the 6-week healing period. There are virtually no scars as the half-inch incisions are placed within the folds of the groin and umbilicus.

The reason that this procedure is termed permanent, is that the actual fat cells, or storage units for fat, are removed and discarded. New fat cells are never created, unless the old ones are filled to capacity and therefore must divide. That division only happens in obesity, and no obese patient would qualify for this small procedure. If the patient pictured here would have agreed, I would have revised her C-section scar and removed a little skin to flatten her results. But this was not what she wanted.

I like to assure my patients that this surgery is one that does not ever need to be repeated, providing your diet and exercise routine are maintained. Of course, every patient is unique, and each procedure is tailored to her needs and desires. When we are considering wearing a sheer, sheath dress for the holidays, we may not wish to don the SPANX® attire, but be light and slender to dance and play during your party. Please come and talk with me about your specific needs as I am pleased to offer complimentary consultations until the end of 2017. Let’s commit to look our best!