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Body Contouring

Body Shape is Genetic and Acquired

The shape of your body is determined by your genetic inheritance, your diet and your activity level. In an ideal world, your fatty deposits are evenly distributed and limited in quantity. But, most of us have unwanted fat in our thighs, arms, abdomens or backsides, and we have worked hard at reducing them. One solution to remove unwanted fat is to have it surgically contoured; and liposuction is the very best way of doing just that. There are safe, effective techniques, which now are available to almost anyone. Lipoplasty is the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure in the world today.

Fat Cells Remain After Weight Loss, but Not After Liposuction

For 25 years, I have been offering body contouring procedures, which are safe, effective and highly predictable in their outcomes. Tumescent liposuction combined with Laser Liposuction has recently rendered stellar results in removing unwanted fat as well as in shrinking excess skin and releasing the unattractive cellulite. We are born with a certain number of fat cells and they increase in number, only when we become obese. The cells never decrease in number with weight loss, but remain in the body as smaller cells. Only surgery removes these cells permanently, thereby resetting the body balance scale for you. You body will begin to feel comfortable with less fat and your appetite will support that new weight.

Skin Excesses Can Remain, if Not Addressed

Excess skin can remain after pregnancy, major weight loss or even after liposuction. In the event that your excess skin is problematic, an abdominoplasty or a mini-abdominoplasty, arm lift, breast lift, thigh lift or buttock lift can remove the excess and tighten the remaining contour. These surgeries are performed in my fully certified out-patient operating room, located in Annapolis, MD. You will enjoy your recovery at home and even benefit from a house call, which I will make the day after your surgery.

Options for Body Contouring Include: