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Plastic Surgeon in Maryland Discusses Facial Symmetry

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Maryland Plastic Surgeon on Facial Symmetry and Rhinoplasty in Younger Patients

The most recent report from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) shows 1.3% of the 9.3 million procedures performed in 2010 were on patients 18 and younger. In a new post, Dr. Marcia Ormsby discusses the benefits of cosmetic enhancement as it specifically applies to her younger patients at her Maryland plastic surgery practice, along with the benefits patients in their twenties often experience. While rejuvenating a youthful appearance is a common desire, Dr. Ormsby says younger patients are more often concerned with facial symmetry and balance, which is typically achieved with an otoplasty or rhinoplasty.

The latest study from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) finds more than 9.3 million cosmetic enhancement procedures were performed in 2010. Of this total, roughly 1.3% were performed for patients 18 and younger, with nearly 20% performed for patients aged 19-34. While this demographic in the aesthetic healthcare practice is uncommon, Maryland plastic surgeon Dr. Marcia Ormsby recently addressed the benefits of cosmetic enhancement for patients in their twenties or younger on her website.

Dr. Ormsby says cosmetic enhancement for this age group is highly effective and reliable despite the smaller number of procedures performed. She adds that procedures such as an otoplasty or rhinoplasty in Maryland at her Annapolis plastic surgery practice often have a tremendous impact on this age group. “Most of the corrections for these problems are relatively simple; they are safe and predictable. In so many instances, a small change produces a major improvement in appearance and self-confidence.”

Dr. Ormsby recently performed a rhinoplasty for a 19 year-old female patient with a large, deviated nose. In addition to the aesthetic enhancement of her appearance, Dr. Ormsby says she also discussed further benefits and responsibilities with this patient, including preventative skin care to avoid premature aging, and adopting a healthy diet to ease recovery from surgery. She adds that the confidence and poise her younger patients pursue life with following a cosmetic enhancement procedure is astonishing. “The tangible benefit to plastic surgery is the removal of a visible barrier to a patient’s ability to see themselves as beautiful and talented, with valuable gifts to develop and offer the world.”

About Marcia V. Ormsby, MD

Dr. Marcia Ormsby earned her medical degree from the University of Massachusetts. She then completed her general surgery residency at the State University of New York, and her specialty training at New York Hospital, Cornell Medical Center, and Memorial Kettering Cancer.

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