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A Touch of Beauty

Artistry and Expertise at Annapolis Aesthetic Surgery

By Ann Evankovich, Assistant Editor

“The days you work are the best days,” said American painter, Georgia O’Keefe.

As a plastic surgeon who regards her work as an art form, Dr. Marcia Ormsby of Annapolis Aesthetic Surgery (AAS) whole-heartedly agrees with the iconic painter.

“I am doing what I love,” Ormsby asserts of her 22-year career as a cosmetic surgeon.

While Ormsby performs her surgeries with an artistic eye, she approaches her patients from a unique feminine perspective, catering to the emotional and physical needs of each person.

Easing Anxieties

Beginning with the initial consultation, Ormsby and her staff work to ease patient’s anxieties about their bodies and their self-image.

“We offer a lot of support and hand-holding because people who feel good heal faster,” explains Ormsby. “We’re working as a team.” This patient-centered goal guides practices big and small in AAS.

Since more than 90 percent of the 10 million cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. in 2009 were on women, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the practice is run by an all-female staff.

“Our goal is to listen to our patients and encourage them to communicate openly,” says Ormsby.

“My patients’ time is important. I don’t cram as many patients into the day as I can,” Ormsby describes. “In the examining rooms, we try to give patients as much cloth and as little paper as possible.” A side waiting room provides more privacy to patients who may still have bandages.

“My patient’s confidentiality is of utmost importance,” Ormsby insists. “That’s why I write my own charts rather than use a transcription service. It’s more accurate and more confidential.”

Restoring Beauty

Clients of all ages seek Ormsby’s surgical talent to resolve a variety of issues. Her youngest clients have protruding ears tucked back with otoplasty. Men and women come in to correct facial imbalances with rhinoplasty or chin implants. Clients who have experienced the extreme weight loss of bariatric surgery want to trim away the remaining excess skin. Many women come to restore their abdomens after concluding their child-bearing years.

“I also have patients come in who are dissatisfied with the work of a previous plastic surgeon,” says Ormsby. With the laser in her private, fully certified operating suite, Ormsby smoothes the lumps created by liposuction procedures done with equipment that was too large or a surgery that was rushed. She has re-sculpted the anatomy of ears left unnaturally smooth from inartistic otoplasty. She has balanced and centered breasts, smoothing the surface and adding dimension to the nipple.

Whether the patient seeks to restore his or her body after a disfiguring accident or to reclaim what nature has denied them, Ormsby’s approach to the surgery is the same: “I start with the skeleton and work out from there with the soft tissues overlaying.”

“Our optimal success is reflected in our patient’s enthusiasm,” Ormsby assures. “If the patient is not happy, then I’m not happy. Rather than looking like they’ve been operated on, my clients look rested and rejuvenated.”

Despite Ormsby’s love of surgery, potential clients are turned away if their motivation or their body is unhealthy. “This has got to be for you,” she insists.

Scrubbing into surgery with Ormsby, Alyce Brown R.N. describes, “She takes it to another level, customizing each surgery to the patient. If she encounters an unexpected problem, she is able to rectify it.”

Ormsby often makes post-op house calls, a service almost extinct in today’s medical industry. Brown has also accompanied patients home as a private duty nurse.

“I love meeting with patients and seeing the way Dr. Ormsby interacts with them,” says Marilyn Fulton, AAS business manager who assists clients with scheduling and financial planning. “There’s excitement and they’re ready to go.”

“The most exciting part of my work is what happens on the inside,” Ormsby says of the transformation she sees in her clients. “A light emerges, a confidence. Nothing can parallel that.”

To learn more about the wide variety of cosmetic procedures available at Annapolis Aesthetic Surgery, visit or stop by their offices at 116 Defense Highway, Suite 500 in Annapolis.  410.224.1144

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September 2010