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The shape of your body is determined by your genetic inheritance, your diet and your activity level. In an ideal world, your fatty deposits are evenly distributed and limited in quantity. But, most of us have unwanted fat in our thighs, abdomens or back sides, and we have worked hard at reducing them. One solution to remove unwanted fat is to have it surgically contoured; and liposuction is the very best way of doing just that. There are safe, effective techniques, which now are available to almost anyone. Lipoplasty is the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure in the world today.

In 1977, Dr. Illouz began the practice of liposuction in France. Since that time, the equipment and the techniques have undergone many changes. The newest procedures have increased the safety and decreased the complications of the surgery by employing an injection liquid that closes the blood vessels supplying the fat; this technique is called tumescent liposuction. Modern equipment and instrumentation reduce the risk of lumps and ridges, which can spoil the result and may be exceedingly difficult to correct. Because the cells that store the fat are removed, there is no tendency for the fat to recur in the operative areas. And as long as you remain within your normal weight range, you should never have these fatty excesses again.

The surgeon that you select to perform your body contouring surgery should be well trained, artistically inclined and very experienced. You deserve to see a great many pre and post operative photographs and even may speak, by phone, to several patients who have had liposuction surgery. Your surgeon needs to listen carefully to your complaints about your body, and to perform a thorough examination to determine your medical risks for surgery. Careful attention must be paid to the health of your skin and the potential for it to respond favorably to the removal of fat. Additionally, it is important to realize that these surgeries are not intended for the truly obese (increased BMI) patient, whose risks for surgery are too high and whose results would be severely compromised by the presence of excess skin.

The anesthesia for these procedures is usually a local numbing and sedation, sparing you the expense and potential complications of general anesthesia. For the immediate post-operative period, you are expected to refrain from strenuous activity and to wear a support garment to reduce swelling in the areas of surgery. By your second month, post-operatively, your result should be smooth, well-contoured and the tiny incisions used to enter the fatty areas through the skin, should be well healed and hardly noticeable. Your clothes should fit better and you may even need to buy a smaller size of clothing, but your friends should never see evidence of your having had plastic surgery.

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