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Dr. Joan Woodward - Patient & Friend

Dr. Woodward feels that she was well taken care of by the staff as well as Dr. Ormsby. As a physician herself, Dr. Woodward feels that AA Surgery is a very professional establishment.

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Marlis & Jim's Cosmetic Surgery Story

Marlis first went to Dr. Ormsby to have some cosmetic procedures taken care of. Her husband Jim was so impressed that he decided to have a few procedures done himself. They both feel extremely happy with the care they were given.

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Leah's Breast Augmentation Surgery Story

Leah is overwhelmingly happy with the way that everything turned out with her breast augmentation surgery. Leah didnt feel any pain and she was back to normal daily activities within just a few days after surgery.

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Karla's Microdermabrasion Treatment

Karla has been impressed with the way that her skin looked after visiting the esthetician at Annapolis Aesthetic Surgery in Maryland. Microdermabrasion helped make her skin feel extremely refreshed and renewed.

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Josalyn's Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery

After her nose was broken playing lacrosse, Josalyn needed to find a plastic surgeon that could help make her nose look the way it used to.

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Post Weight Loss Surgery Patient

Jennifer lost 140 pounds after having gastric bypass surgery and needed a cosmetic surgeon that could help her to remove the extra skin that remained. Dr. Marcia Ormsby helped her with surgery and now she feels and looks great.

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Excellent Results at Annapolis Aesthetic Surgery

Jan felt extremely comfortable at AA Surgery, especially after being apprehensive about having any sort of cosmetic surgery done.

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Meet Our Esthetician - Candace

Annapolis Aesthetic Surgery Center also offers a full range of skin care services for patients not seeking surgery.

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Cathy's Cosmetic Makeover Experience

Cathy's experience surpassed her expectations and she has been enjoying her refreshed look since her procedure with Dr. Ormsby at AA Surgery.

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Adrienne's Breast Augmentation Results

Adrienne was apprehensive about having breast augmentation surgery, but was extremely pleased with the results achieved for her by Dr. Marcia Ormsby.

Annapolis Aesthetic Surgery Patient Testimonials – Cosmetic Surgery in Annapolis, Maryland

At Annapolis Aesthetic Surgery, Inc., we pride ourselves on the high quality results we can achieve through cosmetic surgery. We perform facelift, breast enlargement, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, liposuction, post-bariatric surgery aesthetics, breast reduction, breast lift, and more. Our patients benefit from our attentiveness, our willingness to listen to their concerns, and our sincere desire to help them achieve the look of their dreams.

Below are actual testimonials from our satisfied patients. If you are looking for cosmetic surgery, such as facelift and breast enlargement procedures, Annapolis Aesthetic Surgery, Inc. is a clear leader for excellent care.

Alexis’ story
“My experience with Dr. Marcia V. Ormsby was phenomenal. For so long, I wanted to fit in and fell accepted and now since my surgery, I have exceeded that expectation. I am so pleased with my results that I recommend any plastic surgery procedure to anyone who is interested. It made a difference in my life and I am glad that I went through with it.”*

“Getting surgical assistance to re-shape my body is the best gift I have ever given myself. Over the last several years I crossed the line of buying clothes to flatter shape to, instead, buying them to hide it. Thanks to the skill of Dr. Marcia V. Ormsby, I appear to have taken 20 years off my shape and love the way I look, even in a swimsuit. I’m again tucking in shirts and sweaters, and wearing stylish belts – so much better than baggy tunics!”*

“I went to see Dr. Marcia V. Ormsby about hereditary bags under my eyes that have bothered me my whole life. People were always asking me if I was tired, even though I regularly got plenty of sleep. She was the third plastic surgeon I consulted and the ONLY one that didn’t suggest I undergo other (needless, in my opinion) procedures as well. I liked the fact that as well as a doctor, she is an artist. The entire staff is professional, friendly, and compassionate. I couldn’t be happier with the results! I look so much more refreshed and feel more confident about myself. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful, competent physician.”*

“I’ve always wanted to do something about my breasts. Never knowing what to do or who to go see. I wasn’t into going to see a male doctor and having him tell me what I wanted or needed. I just wanted to look normal. Well, I knew that one of my girl friends had her Breast Augmentation done by Dr. Marcia V. Ormsby and I really like that they looked natural. She explained that it was an all woman staff. NO MEN. Well, that was my calling. I made an appointment right away.”*

Dr. Marcia V. Ormsby and her staff made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. They explained everything, right down to how I was going to feel after surgery. Well, the surgery went very well. I am very happy with the results. I have more confidence in myself since my surgery. I owe it to Dr. Marcia V. Ormsby for my new look.”*

“You are truly an “artist” sculpting the body that I always wanted. The follow-up from your staff was wonderful, and if I need any additional procedures I will not hesitate to come back and recommend you.”*
C. Jones

Paula’s Story

“I want to express how Dr. Marcia V. Ormsby and her wonderful staff have provided me (and my husband) a new found love for my natural body by virtue of breast implant surgery. Dr. Marcia V. Ormsby surgical hand and mind have allowed me the appreciation of medicine as art. I admire her incredibly supportive and very competent staff. The office is a professional and empathetic collaboration as a whole for those who might seek help in one form or another.

I am absolutely thrilled with the results from the implant surgery! I am a much more happy person and feel wonderfully as my old self again. I much look forward to a year of ultra running without having to worry about the double or triple support I would need for all the mileage, or the psychological burden of feeling like I am lugging around unwanted baggage.”*

*Individual Results May Vary